Thursday, October 11, 2018

Forms and Information for County Interviews

GHP County Interviews:
  • Dates:
    • County Application emailed or shared (OneDrive only) to Mr. Ward ( Friday, October 19
    • Teacher Nominations emailed or shared (OneDrive only) to Mr. Ward ( Friday, October 19
    • Mock/Practice Interviews: TBD (in departments)
    • County Interviews: Thursday, November 1 (Academic & CTAE)
    • County Interviews: Monday, November 5 (Fine Arts)

  • Congratulations to the following students who are moving onto the county level interviews:
    • Ann-Marie Abunyewa    Latin
    • Ishaan Chaubey            Science
    • Alessa Cullinan             Science
    • Risha Hegde                 Comm Arts
    • Victoria Knieling            Comm Arts
    • Emma Mason                Science
    • Oliver Long                   Science
    • Vivek Raman                Social Studies
    • Neha Sivakumar            Science
    • Sanjay Srihari               Latin
    • Diego Trujillo                 Social Studies
    • Morris Wan                   Science
    • Dankwa Buckle             Design Engineering
    • Charlie Bishop               Mechanical Engineering
    • Adrian Bozocea             Software Engineering
    • Mehul Kalia                   Software Engineering
    • Charles Liu                   Software Engineering
    • Vishaal Kareti                Music (instrumental)
    • Connor Norris               Music (instrumental)
    • Rohan Shiknis               Music (instrumental)
    • Martin Sholl                   Music (instrumental)
    • Eric Yao                        Music (instrumental)
    • ZoĆ« Altizer                    Visual Arts
    • Lucy Damon                 Visual Arts
    • Adam Duffy                   Visual Arts
    • Neha Vennapusa           Visual Arts

  • Below you will find the different forms needed for the next level.  Also, please the teacher recommendation forms are below as well.  (NOTE: after you follow the link to the appropriate form, please download the Word doc to your computer to edit it, and save it there.  Please do NOT edit or alter the form in Google docs.)


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