Tuesday, January 26, 2016

PREP Night at Sprayberry

Tomorrow night, Wednesay, January 28, is prep night at Sprayberry high school.  

  • Large group session from 6:30pm - 7pm 
  • Individual content sessions from 7-8pm
I hope that you can make it!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

State Interviews

Below are your times, and locations of your state level interviews; all interviews will take place on the 13th.
First Name Time Location
Shreyas 8am/8:20 Essay / Interview Luella HS
Grace3:40/4pm Essay / Interview Luella HS
Briti 11am/12pm Essay / Interview Pebblebrook 
Trisha 9am/10 Essay / Interview Pebblebrook 
Shrey 2pm Luella HS
Virinchi 3pm Luella HS
Colin 1:40/1:50 Audition/Interview Pebblebrook 
Alexander 10:30/10:40am Audition/Interview Pebblebrook 
Derek10:40/10:50am Audition/Interview Pebblebrook 
Seokjin8:50/9am Audition/Interview Pebblebrook 
Emily 8:30/9am Sim/Interview Luella HS
Parisa  1pm Pebblebrook H
Victoria 2:55pm Luella HS
Ajinkya 10:05am Luella HS
Jonathan  8am Luella HS
Nathanael 2:25pm Luella HS
Saiya 11am Luella HS